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It's been almost a year since Vinted, the platform for buying and selling used clothing , took control of the Spanish app Chicfy , which ultimately led to the disappearance of this popular brand that functioned as a virtual fashion market. However, Vinted continues to operate under the same model in which the transaction of purchase and sale of fashion items and second-hand clothing is facilitated, and with such good judgment that it has positioned itself as a unicorn by passing the mythical valuation of 1,000 millions of dollars. but how has he achieved this position? Is it so easy to buy from Vinted?
The 25 million users in Spain who enter to buy at Vinted in addition to using their forums and accessing their fashion advice seem to indicate that this is the case, so we share our assessment and opinions about their website .
Vinted, design and usability
From the moment you enter the Vinted platform, you can access a first catalog that shows some garments that its users offer , in addition to the fact that at the top the website has a button that offers information on how Vinted works, and how to start sell and integrate your clothes in their catalog.
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It also has an easily locatable search engine, since the main thing in a virtual market is to find what you are looking for, but in case you have not decided yet, the platform also has a top drop-down menu, in which you can find articles, Vinted members, the platform's forum, and of course, the support center in case you have questions or have a problem during the transaction.
You can also filter the search by items for women, men, children, household and access as easy as in a tab of its menu the details about the company: how it works, how to download the app, the terms and conditions, settings and even a section to work for Vinted and information for the press, all in one place.
Each category in Vinted can be filtered based on whether you are looking for clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty products, and in turn each subcategory can be filtered again , so that you never lose track of the product you are looking for.
How to buy and sell on Vinted
The first thing you should do, whether you want to buy or sell in Vinted, is create your account , and for this you must register, either with your Facebook, Google, Apple account or by entering your data such as username, email and password.
Once you have created your profile you can edit it to your liking and start buying or selling clothes that you no longer need on Vinted.
The important points that you should keep in mind if you want to sell in Vinted is that the first thing your potential customers will see will be the photograph of the garment, but they also want to have as much information as possible, such as the size, the price, and in general a Product sheet that shows the data and status of the item with the greatest precision, to convince yourself and get hold of it.
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Thus, in general, the items you find on Vinted have high-quality photographs , a description of the product, the profile of the user who sells, and of course the price for which he purchased the garment and at which he sells it.
If you are looking to buy a garment or product, once you have chosen the product that you like, you just have to click on it to display all the information : if the product has insurance, if exchanges are accepted, what packages you can choose for it shipping, payment options, if there are other interested users, and how long it has been uploaded to the platform.

You can write to the seller with your offer, buy immediately if you are willing to pay the full price, or add to favorites if you still do not decide to buy it. In Vinted as recommended you can find some other products from the same user , since if you choose several you could save shipping costs or reach an agreement with the seller.
Elements that can improve in Vinted
One element that is highly distracting in Vinted is that it displays ads on the right side of the screen, even inviting users to leave the platform to find other products, which can be counterproductive and give a bad user experience. Another point that can put off more than one buyer is having to create an account. You can download its app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store .

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