Is Wudu really the last line of defense from coronavirus?

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The newly recognized coronavirus becomes chaos in the whole world. Within a few months of its origination, it has seized almost every corner of the earth. Thousands of people are relinquishing away each day while the numbers of thousands are getting infected by it. To this day, no cure has been found for this virus. Thus only prevention is the cure. If it comes to preventions, people are taking a number of precautionary means to keep themselves at an arm's length of the virus. Applying masks, hand sanitizers, hand gloves, and avoiding handshake are some precautions people are taking.

Being Muslims, we are lucky as we have been told to do Wudu (Ablution) certain times a day. It is the terminal guardian from coronavirus that can preserve us from catching this deadly disease. But when it gets to the discussion of Wudu and its perks related to coronavirus, some people have a lot of mistakes.
You will be notified about coronavirus, where it originated, and how many people have been affected until now. Moreover, you will also be revealed how ablution can save you from coronavirus, and the misconceptions people have about it. Besides such, you will also be told whence you reduce your chances of getting coronavirus when you learn the Quran online. So let us begin our guide from step by step.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a deadly type of virus that started at the end of 2019. Within a few months, it has caused global devastation which has affected almost every country in the world. According to WHO, Coronavirus is a family of viruses that causes a range of diseases. The most common among these diseases range from cold, flu, and fever to critical respiratory difficulties which lead to death in some cases.
The official name of the disease has been decided as COVID-19. It stands for COronaVIrus Disease-2019. Some of the common symptoms of this virus include fever, cough, respiratory problems, difficulty in and breath shortness, etc.


How To Prevent Coronavirus?
Coronavirus is a global pandemic and the whole world is trying to figure out a way to cure coronavirus. Almost every country is striving to make a vaccine for the virus but no one has succeeded yet. All you can do is to prevent coronavirus is to follow the guidelines of the medical experts. Here are a few steps that can keep you away from coronavirus if you follow them.

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Avoid going out of your home without any important work
  • Do not shake hands with people
  • Avoid places where too many people are around you
  • Do not touch any surface when out of home
  • Always use gloves when going out
  • Use a face mask to reduce the chances of getting infected
  • Cover your sneeze and cough

By following the above-mentioned precautionary measures, you will be able to significantly reduce the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus.

How Does It Spread?

Coronavirus is not a kind of virus that spreads by air. It travels from person to person. It means that you have to be in contact with the person who is infected with the virus to become infected with it. Not only by touching the infected person can give you coronavirus but there are also some other ways that spread it. If you have touched a person where the infected person has touched recently, you will get the virus on your hand. When you touch the hand to your mouth, you can also catch the virus. So, you should avoid doing such things which result in the growth of coronavirus.

Does Wudu Save You From CoronaVirus?

Wudu is a great way to keep yourself clean. While doing ablution, you clean yourself from head to toe. It prevents you from many types of germs. While completing Wudu, you remove bacteria and other germs of your mouth and other body parts. Therefore it protects you from common diseases. The identical is the case among coronavirus. Today, experts are advising people to maintain their hygienic to keep themselves safe. As you keep your hygiene with ablution, you diminish the odds of getting coronavirus.

Does Wudu Really Kill Coronavirus?

The news that doing wudu can kill coronavirus is totally fake. There is no truth in it and it is a piece of misleading information. Just like the other myths like drinking garlic, hot water, and cow urine, it is also a myth. Although doing wudu has a lot of health-related benefits but it does not cure coronavirus. So before believing and sharing anything shared on social media, you should first confirm whether it is authentic or not.

Misconception About Coronavirus And Wudu

Every day, a number of fake news about coronavirus revolves on the internet. People using social media and WhatsApp share such news without even considering their reality. It can result in a huge problem. Whether they are about someone's personal life or related to the pandemic, people share the news without even bothering to confirm the news. Today, thousands of fake news stories about coronavirus are surfacing the web, and people are being misguided by such news.
The latest rumor about coronavirus is that doing wudu kills coronavirus. The Muslims are sharing this news without even thinking whether it is true or not. This news actually started in Indonesia after a report by In this article, Dr. Lutfi Parewangi was cited as saying that doing ablution can destroy coronavirus. After that, it became the center of attention of all the Muslims using social media.

How Online Quran Learning Saves You From Coronavirus?

In this era of quarantine, no one is obliged to go out of the home. If you withdraw out of your home, you might become a victim of coronavirus. So you cannot go to any madrasa too. Hence there is a different way to study the Holy Quran. Such is to learn Quran online. Only you have to do is just select an expert online Quran tutor and determine a type, of course, you want to pursue. In this way, you can learn the Holy Quran online without having to go outside of your home.

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Wudu has many benefits but curing corona is not one of them. It is proven by and all the documentation is available there. You believe in God that good, but the cure is not possible from wudu.

Yeah your point is right but that could be the product of some personal carelessnes too.I got to read a research paper help Australia and some shocking facts were shared in that.I would like to share all that with you too.

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