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When a person suffers from depression, anxiety, and mental illness, it is difficult for him/her to cope with these disabilities. In these moments, emotional support animals (ESAs) play an important role to reduce illness. These animals are more than a pet, as they also cure people who suffered from mental health problems. Today, depression is the world's most common cause, which leads to mental disabilities.


ESA is not just cats or dogs but any kind of animal that makes you happy and support you to live happily. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make them feel happy. A service cat usually love to play around with different toys and domestic items.

If you are depressed and want an emotional support cat to cheer you up, then you should apply for an emotional support animal letter. First, you need to look for a free emotional support animal letter sample in order to get a better understanding. After that, you can apply for your own letter and get an emotional support cat.

It is a fact that cats also need more attention and care than other pets. So the owner of a caucasian shepherd needs something for his/her cat in order to make it happy. In order to fulfill that need, it is highly recommended to give them some specific toys to play with.

Here are some toys specific to them:

Catcher wand:

It is a cat teaser catcher wand toy as cats love to play. The little mouth of fish is attached to the end of a string which is made up of metal twirl and it moves in various directions when you flip. It is an excellent toy for your emotional support cat.

Incline Scratcher:

healthiest dog breeds have a habit of scratching things, as they scratch your furniture most of the time. So this natural incline scratcher is very helpful for you, as it will decrease their habit of scratching your furniture.

Mylar Crinkle Balls:

Cats mostly love crinkle papers, so these crinkle balls are best for your cats. They make pleasant noise when cats play with them.

Ripple Rug:

Your terrier breeds cats will love to play with ripple rug because these rugs are fabulous. They can be arranged in any configuration in accordance with the needs of your emotional support cat.

Roller Cat Toy:

It is an amazing roller cat toy. It is made up of a classic ball and has different levels in which ball moves. It encourages emotional support cats to chase the ball at each level. It is a very simple, entertaining toy that has no small parts that could extant a choking danger.

Skitter Critter Cat Toy:

With a skitter critter cat toy, your emotional support cats will go crazy, because it contains a small-sized stuffed mouse and each mouse is packed with catnip. There are also small fishes available in catnip. This stuff is free from any type of pesticides or chemicals, which cause no harm to your cat.

Ethical Pet Laser Exerciser:

It's a laser pointer, which is best for outdoor and indoor exercises. It's helpful for your cat to chase the prey on floors easily. Try to play indoor dog games with your cat.

Egg Cersizer interactive toy and Food Dispenser:

It is a fun toy and also stores food. Cats have a habit of gulp their food so by storing their food in egg cersizer this will encourages your cat to play with food.

Isn't it amazing?

It is highly recommended to buy any of these toys in order to keep your emotional support cat fit and happy.

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